Stream to Twitter and Periscope with Mevo

Take your streams to the next level with Mevo by Livestream, now supporting one-step streaming to Twitter and Periscope. Edit video in real-time with Mevo’s intuitive mobile app allowing you to zoom, pan and cut with ease. Stream live to your fans and friends from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE. It’s like a TV studio in your pocket. We hope you enjoy this new feature. To learn more about Mevo visit our homepage

Here's how to do it:

Once you power on Mevo, launch the Mevo app and connect Mevo to your mobile device, you will be brought to your live editor view.

Tap the red button in the lower right corner.

Tap Periscope.

Periscope and Twitter streaming support is available in version 1.2.0 of the Mevo app. Please update your app if you do not see this feature.

You will be prompted to log in to your Periscope account. Tap the Log in | Sign up button.

Enter your username and password, then tap Sign In.

The app will take a moment to log you in to your account, and then prompt you to authorize Mevo to access your Periscope account. Scroll down and tap Authorize.

After authorizing Mevo, you can set a title for your stream.

By default, the broadcast will also be shared to Twitter. Tap the Twitter icon to disable this

When you are ready to start streaming, tap Go Live.

It will take a moment for the connection to establish. Once it does, you will see a timer in the bottom right corner for the duration of your stream.

Tap the timer to see other information about your stream, such as battery life, bitrate, and audio source.

When you are ready to end your stream, tap the small red dot in the bottom left corner, and then slide it to the right. The stream will end immediately.