Configure Livestream Settings and Go Live

While you can configure your Livestream settings from the live edit view, the settings menu also gives you the option to pre-configure everything and go live in a step-by-step menu.

Go to the Options menu and tap the gear wheel to access Mevo's settings.

Navigate to the Live Streaming menu.

Select Livestream to configure Livestream settings.

Configure Stream Settings

First, select the Event you wish to stream to. You can even create a new event if you wish by tapping New Event.

Next, choose the quality at which you want to stream at. Remember to test your upload speed and choose your quality accordingly.

If you wish to see chat messages in your live edit view during your event, toggle the Livestream Chat switch to On.

Finally, if you want to send a notifications to your Livestream followers that you are going live, toggle the Notify Followers switch to On.

Go Live

You can start your stream directly from the settings. First, create a title for the broadcast by tapping on the Stream Title field. Tap Done when you are finished.

When you want to begin your broadcast, tap Start Stream.

You will be redirected to the live edit view and your stream will have started. Tap the viewer indicator in the bottom right corner to see more information about your stream.

Tap the red button and slide it to the right to end the stream.

Choose whether or not to post the video on demand on your event page. Then tap Done.

Log Out of Livestream

In Livestream settings, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap Log Out.