What is View Angle?

Mevo customers can adjust the appearance of their field of view with the view angle setting. The Mevo app includes a handful of preset configurations to adjust the cropping and dewarping of the image the Mevo captures.

In the Live Edit view, tap the More Options icon in the lower right corner, then select the gearwheel to access the settings menu.

Select Advanced Settings.

Scroll down to View Angle. Here you will notice there are five options, with Normal being set as default. Below are examples of the appearance of each setting.

This setting cannot be changed while you are actively recording or streaming live.

As a reference, here is a picture of the same exact sample area taken by an iPhone 6S Plus at the same distance as Mevo:

Flat: most cropped, straight edges

Narrow: wider field of view, edges slightly curved


Wide: Full field of view captured, curved edges

Fisheye: Most curved edges, objects in the middle of the picture appear closer to the camera.