Stream to Scheduled Live Videos on Facebook

To stream to a scheduled livestream on Facebook with your Mevo, you must first create the scheduled post on Facebook via a web browser. After that, you can choose the scheduled livestream in the Mevo app before you go live.

Schedule a Live Video on Facebook

Log in to the admin account for your Facebook page and navigate to your page. Select the Publishing Tools tab.

On the left navigation menu, select Video Library.

In the upper right corner of the Video Library, select +Live.

This window will open. Since you are using Mevo, you can disregard the information on this screen and click Next in the lower right corner.

You can configure information about your live video as desired, such as a title and tags. Navigate to the lower right corner and click the dropdown arrow next to Go Live.

Click Schedule Live...

Set a start time for your live video and upload an image if you wish. When you are done, click Schedule.

After a moment, your scheduled Live Video will appear in your Video Library list and indicate that it is scheduled.

Go Live to the Scheduled Live Video via Mevo

Launch the Mevo app and connect to your Mevo. In the Live Edit view, tap the red dot in the bottom right corner.

Select the Facebook Live logo. Make sure you are logged in to the same account.

Logged in to the wrong account? Here's how to connect to the right account.

Choose from various pages and groups of which you are the admin on the bottom of the screen. Select the page on which you have scheduled your live video; you will notice a clock icon on its image.

Configure your other stream settings as desired (quality, location, etc.) When you are ready to start streaming, tap Go Live.

Your stream will now appear on the schedule live video post.