What is Electronic Image Stabilization?

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) minimizes blurriness and helps retain the video quality while the camera is in motion. Customers looking to use the Mevo while moving rather than in a stationary location may be want to consider turning EIS on, although doing so will disable Mevo's live-editing features.

Navigate to the options menu and select Advanced Settings. The seventh option down is Electronic Image Stabilization with a toggle switch, which is off by default. Tap it to turn it on.

When turning on EIS, you will see a message warning you that face detection, live editing features, and the grid view will all be disabled. Mevo will only be able to capture a single wide shot. If you want to continue, tap OK.

This setting cannot be turned on or off while you are actively recording or streaming live.

If you go back to the live edit view, you will notice EIS in the red button. This indicates that EIS is turned on. You will also notice that the grid view icon is grayed out, indicating it cannot be used while EIS is turned on.