"Unsupported Event Type" Error Message

When attempting to go live to a YouTube event, you may receive the following error message:

This appears when the selected YouTube event was created as a Quick event rather than a Custom event. These options appear under Type when creating a new event.

Unfortunately, YouTube does not have an option for changing the Type after the event is created. To resolve this, you will need to create a new event with Custom selected as the Type.

When you click Create Event, you will be redirected to your Main Camera settings, where you can Choose maximum sustained bitrate of your encoder.

It's best to select the bitrate that will match the bitrate you intend to stream at, but if you're not sure, choose 1080p. This will still allow you to stream at a lower quality with Mevo if needed.

You can change this setting at a later time if needed.

When you select your bitrate, your event's settings will save and the event will appear as an option in the Mevo app.