Stream to Vimeo with Mevo

Vimeo Live customers can now use Mevo to stream their events directly to their Vimeo accounts.

Connect to Mevo and tap the red button in the bottom left corner. Vimeo will appear at the bottom of the list.

Tapping Vimeo will open the window shown below prompting you to either join or log in to Vimeo. Enter your credentials and tap Log in below. You will then need to authorize Mevo to access your Vimeo information to proceed.

After authorizing Mevo access to Vimeo, the window shown below will appear. Choose your streaming quality (up to 1080p) and give your stream a title. You can also do this by tapping the gearwheel. 

There are currently no privacy options available. Your stream will be public.

When your settings are configured, tap Go Live on the right side to start streaming.

At this time, Mevo cannot stream to previously created live events on your Vimeo account. Currently the only option will create a new live video on your account every time you stream from Mevo.

Your stream will appear in your Vimeo account under All Videos.

When you are ready to end your stream, tap the red dot in the lower left corner of the Mevo app.

Your stream will save as a video on demand in your Vimeo account by default.