I'm New to Streaming. What Best Practices Do You Recommend?


If you plan to stream with Mevo, we have some tips to help you get started:

  • Your network's upload speed should ideally be at around 5-10mbps. This will allow your stream to stay at the best quality and leave room for fluctuation in your connection speed. If you do not know what your upload speed is, you can check at www.speedtest.net.
  • Use a dedicated network if possible. This isn't always possible, considering most WiFi networks are shared among multiple devices. Try to remove as many devices from your network as possible, such as smartphones and computers.
  • Turn off any Firewalls on your network. Most home networks will probably not need to worry about this, but this is a common issue in offices, schools, hotels, etc. To stream to Livestream, networks should be configured to allow incoming and outgoing communication through the following Firewall ports (in rough order of importance):
    • TCP 1935
    • TCP 80
    • TCP 443
    • UDP 53
  • Test first! Test early and test often. Run speed tests on your network at www.speedtest.net so that you can catch any issues with your network connection before your event.
  • Record a backup. The professionals do it, and we recommend everyone does. Make sure to hit 'record' on the Mevo app when you go live so that if your network connection goes down, you still have a good recording of your event that you can share later.