How Do I Find, Save, and Share my Recordings?

Recorded content from Mevo can be uploaded to any video hosting provider, including Livestream, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and more.

First open the More Options menu to find your recordings in your library.

Once you are there, you will need to download the video from the microSD card onto your phone. Tap the video you want to share, then tap the options icon.

Next, tap the download icon.

Your mobile device must have twice the available storage as the size of the video you wish to download.

It will take some time for the video to download. Once it's done, it will be available on your mobile device's local storage. You can then tap the Share icon on the clip and upload it to any of the available apps. 

You can also share the file directly from the iOS Photos app on your device.

Tip for Uploading a Recording to Facebook

Facebook defaults video upload settings to SD quality. To ensure your video quality is the highest possible, open your Facebook app, and navigate to Settings > Videos and Photos. Make sure that Upload HD is toggled on.