Mounting Mevo to a Stand or Tripod

Once you attach the Mevo to the included mount, you can attach it to most standard microphone stands or tripods using the adapter on the bottom of the mount.

First, remove the label from the bottom of the mount.

To remove the adapter, use a coin or a flat-head screwdriver and turn it counter-clockwise. 

One side of the adapter is a 1/4"-20 UNC tripod thread, and the other side is a larger 3/8"-16 microphone stand thread.

         1/4"-20 UNC tripod thread                   3/8"-16 microphone stand thread

The mount also has a built-in 5/8"-27 microphone stand thread.

Determine which thread fits your stand or tripod. If you need to use one of the threads on the adapter, ensure that the needed thread is on the bottom and screw it into the bottom of the mount until it is secure.

The included stand with the Mevo Pro pack fits the built-in 5/8"-27 microphone stand thread. Remove the adapter as described above to mount your Mevo to this stand.

Place the Mevo on top of your stand or tripod and turn it clockwise until it is secured.