Flip Mevo's Image

The Mevo app can flip its image, in case you mount it upside down (such as from a ceiling).

To flip the image, go to the Options Menu in the app, then tap on the gearwheel icon to access settings.

Tap Advanced Settings.

Scroll down to find the Flip Video option.

There are three options:

  • Normal: The image will not flip if you turn the camera upside down.
  • Flipped: The image will appear flipped unless you turn the camera upside-down.
  • Auto: The app will detect whether the camera is right-side up or upside-down and adjust the orientation accordingly. Please note: it may take a few seconds before the image adjusts, so we do not recommend going back and forth between the two orientations frequently.

This setting cannot be changed while you are actively recording or streaming live.