Facebook Account Settings and Options

Mevo's settings allow you to change your Facebook stream's destination, audience, quality, among many other features such as enabling chat, continuous streaming, and more. You can also log out if you wish.

Open the Options menu in the app, then tap on the gearwheel icon.

Tap on Live Streaming, then tap on Facebook Live.

Log In To Facebook

If you are not already logged in to a Facebook account, tap Log In at the bottom of the menu.

You will need to allow Facebook access to your profile, groups and pages you manage, and default audience.

You should select Public if you ever intend to stream to an audience beyond your Facebook friends. You can adjust privacy settings on an event by event basis, but selecting Public now allows you more flexibility moving forward.

Once you allow all these permissions, you will be logged in and see more options in your settings menu.

Configuring Stream Settings

In the Facebook settings, the first option you can configure is your stream Destination (in other words, where on Facebook your stream will be broadcast to). Tap it to choose between your personal account, any pages or groups of which you are an admin, or any events you RSVPed to. Once you tap your desired destination, the app will navigate back to the Facebook menu.

As of version 1.5 of the Mevo app, you can now use your Mevo to produce scheduled livestreams on Facebook.

Next is Visibility, where you can choose your audience (Public, Friends, custom audiences, or Only Me). Public will give your stream the most reach, whereas Only Me is ideal for testing. Once you select one, you will navigate back to the Facebook menu automatically.

Selecting Friends Except allow you to stream to all of your Facebook friends, but list people or friend groups whom you do not want seeing the stream. Selecting Specific Friends will allow only those you choose to see your stream. Type a friend's name to add them to this list or select a friend group.

Next, choose your stream quality. Make sure to test your network's upload speed and choose your quality accordingly.

Please note that 1080p streaming is not supported on Facebook Live. HD will send at 720p.

You can add your location to your stream. Tap Geolocation and you can either type in your location or select it from the list.

Next, you can toggle Facebook Chat and Allow Embedding on and off.

If you are are streaming to a Facebook Page, you can restrict your audience by country by tapping Allow Specific Countries.

Going Live

Scroll down further in Facebook settings to go live to Facebook. First, tap under Stream Title to give your stream a title, then tap Done.

Continuous Streaming allows you to bypass Facebook's four-hour streaming limitation.

Turning this on will not save a video on-demand on Facebook.

When you are ready to go live, tap Start Stream.

You will be redirected to the live edit view, where in the bottom right corner, you will see the Facebook logo and a timer. Tap it to see more information about your stream.

To end the stream, tap the red dot, and then slide the new, larger red dot to the right.

You can choose to keep your stream in the feed or not. After making your selection, tap Done.

Log Out of Facebook

Scroll to the bottom of Facebook settings. Here, you can tap Log Out to log your Mevo out of Facebook.