How to Stream to Livestream

Once your Mevo is connected to the Mevo app, you should notice a red button in the bottom left corner of the picture. Tap it to see more options.

To stream to Livestream, tap the Livestream logo in the menu that appears.

You will be redirected to a page prompting you to create a Livestream account. If you do not have an account on, fill in the requested information. If you already have an account on, tap the blue 'Log In' link below instead.

Note: Mevo does not stream to Original Livestream.

Once you are logged into an account, you can configure your livestream. By default, the streaming quality will be set to HD. Tap the HD icon to choose between other quality options.

Some features shown are only available on the Mevo iOS app version 1.5 Beta. Learn how to install the beta.

Please note that this is a Beta and is not recommended for use in production environments.

To the right of the quality icon is a 'New Event' button. If you have events created on your Livestream account already, you can tap this button and scroll sideways to select the event you want to stream to, or keep New Event selected to stream to a new event on your Livestream account.

You can adjust other settings for your stream by tapping the gearwheel icon.

Tap 'What's happening?' to give your stream a title if you wish. Then tap the red 'Go Live' button to start streaming. The LED ring on the camera will spin briefly. After this, your stream will begin.

Tap small red dot on the bottom left corner to see more information about your stream, including viewer count, battery percentage, bitrate, and a timer. 

Tap the information bar again to collapse it.

Tip: If you tap a specific statistic, such as viewer count or bitrate, that statistic will still appear next to the red down when you collapse the information bar. In the below example, the timer is selected.

To end the stream, tap the red button and slide it to the right.

Choose whether or not to post the video on demand on your event page. Then tap Done.