Tips on Resolving Anti-Lag & Low Bandwidth Warnings

If you have seen a bandwidth or anti-lag error while streaming with your Mevo, it is because Mevo was not able to send a stable stream at the selected quality over its local internet connection. As a result, some of your livestream was dropped, impacting your viewers’ experience.

You can either wait to see if it happens again, or stop and downgrade the video quality of your live stream so that it requires less capacity from your internet connection. This will give it a greater chance to stream without interruptions. Be sure to:

  • - Check your upload speed multiple times. This can fluctuate constantly.  You should have a minimum of 5-10Mbps dedicated just for your stream.
  • - Choose your quality based on your speed test results. Our rule of them is the quality bitrate should be half of your available upload bandwidth.

If you are already streaming at Low quality, then your only option is to connect to a faster Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 4G/LTE connection before restarting your livestream.

What to ask when ordering an internet connection for an event, or checking its quality and speed before the event.

You may be streaming an event at an unfamiliar venue, or where you are a guest. This section will go over strategies for how to ask for the best possible internet connection set up.

  • - If you have Mevo Boost, and the venue can provide wired internet, ask for a dedicated wire connection over Ethernet. Specify that you need the connection where the camera will be located.
  • - If you have to use Wi-Fi, make sure it is dedicated only to you, and won’t be shared with the venue attendees. Test before the event as much as possible.

Note: Captive portals are not supported by Mevo. A captive portal is typical at locations like hotels, where you obtain network access through a web browser like Safari or Chrome. There is currently no way to log into one of these types of networks using Mevo. In this scenario, we recommend using an unlimited 4G-LTE data connection. 

Before you show up for the event, always ask the venue to run a speed test from the location where the camera will be, and to share the upload speed results with you.

In an ideal world, you should ask for 10Mbps dedicated upload speed. If they cannot provide this, 5Mbps dedicated will do. Ensure they test and prove to you this is the actual upload speed.

If the venue can only provide under 5Mbps dedicated upload speed, you should be prepared to lower the quality to Medium or Low. In general, a higher video quality for a lower internet connection means more risk. Ensuring a stable stream will provide a better experience for your viewers.