Change Facebook Privacy Settings for Mevo

When you log in to Facebook for the first time with your Mevo app, you are prompted to authorize the Mevo Camera app for Facebook and grant certain permissions.

One of these permissions is your default audience. If you had selected Friends in the initial setup, then you are not able to stream to a public audience, even if you select Public in the app stream settings. You must change the default setting in your Facebook account to allow public audiences to see your live video from Mevo.

To change the default setting, log in to Facebook on a desktop browser. Open the settings dropdown menu in the upper right corner, then select Settings.

In the left navigation menu, select Apps.

Find the Mevo Camera app in your Apps list (you may need to click Show All if you connected more than 15 apps on Facebook).

Click on the pencil icon to edit the Mevo Camera app settings, and then edit your post audience.

Change the App visibility and post audience to Public. Then save your settings.

Now you have more flexiblity with choosing your Facebook audience in the Mevo App. Selecting Public will allow a public audience to see your live video. You can still choose to have a restricted audience (e.g. Friends, Specific People, etc.)

When you select Facebook Live from the live edit view, tap the audience icon (second from the left) to change your audience type.