Using the Mevo Camera's Built-in Microphone

If you are using the Mevo’s built-in microphone, be sure to place the Mevo close to your subjects, ideally about five feet away. The Mevo and its built-in mic work best when it is close to the action.

The Mevo’s microphone is directional to space directly in front of it, but may still pick up general room noise. The closer the mic is to your subjects, the more it will filter out noise or chatter behind or to the side of it. The microphone will also follow the direction of your live edits; if you crop to a shot on the left side of the field of view, the microphone will adjust it's directional focus accordingly.

You may also manually set the Mevo's built-in microphone's gain adjustment to fit your preference. Use the slider bar to raise or lower your audio's gain adjustment. 

For a more professional audio setup, you can use an external microphone via your mobile device.