Stream to Facebook Live with Mevo

Once your Mevo is connected to the Mevo app, you should notice a red button in the bottom left corner of the picture.

To log in and stream to Facebook Live, tap this red button, then tap the Facebook Live icon.

Facebook will open in a browser window and request that you log in and grant certain permissions.

If you intend to stream to an audience beyond your Facebook friends (e.g. Public), you should set your default audience as Public. After doing so, you can change your desired audience on a case-by-case basis when you go live (see below).

Learn more about your default privacy settings for Facebook.

Once you allow Facebook permissions, the following screen will appear. Choose your Facebook streaming destination, such as your personal profile, or any group or page of which you are the admin.

Choose a quality for your stream by tapping the default HD icon.

Further to the right, select your desired audience type.

Note: Groups and pages will only have 'Public' as the available option; followers and members of those pages and groups will be the default audience.

Choosing "Friends Except" will allow all of your Facebook friends to see your stream except for those people or groups you specify. Choosing "Specific Friends" will allow keep your stream private only to people or groups you select.

Next, tap the person icon to tag a friend in the post that will be created when you start your stream. Start typing a friend's name to allow them to appear.

Tag your location by tapping the pin icon.

Tapping the gearwheel icon will open Facebook's settings, which includes many of the above streaming configurations as well as enabling chat, embedding, geoblocking restrictions for Facebook pages, and continuous streaming. To close the settings, tap the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner.

Give your stream a title, then tap Go Live.  The LED ring on the camera will spin red briefly. After this, your stream will begin.

Tap the icon on the bottom left corner to see more information about your stream, including viewer count, battery percentage, bitrate, and a timer. 

Tap the information bar again to collapse it.

Tip: If you tap a specific statistic, such as viewer count or bitrate, that statistic will still appear next to the red dot when you collapse the information bar. In the below example, the timer is selected.

To end the stream, tap the red dot, and then slide the new, larger red dot to the right.

You can choose to keep your stream in the feed or not. After making your selection, tap Done.