How Do I Change my Connection Type?

If you have already connected to your Mevo, you can go into settings to change your connection method.

Tap the 'More Options' icon, then tap the gearwheel to enter settings.

Tap 'Network.'

If you are using the Mevo Hotspot and wish to switch to a WiFi network:

Your Settings > Network option should look like this:

Tap 'Disconnect to change Mevo's Wi-Fi network.'

Mevo will automatically disconnect and update its status. After a moment, you can tap Configure Mevo and change to Local WiFi, as detailed here.

Note: If you wish to use a network you have used in the past, Mevo and the app will remember it.

If you are on a WiFi network and wish to switch to the Mevo Hotspot:

The network settings menu should indicate that you are connected to a WiFi network. Tap 'Disconnect to change Mevo's Wi-Fi network.'

Your Mevo will disconnect from the app and update its status.

Then, tap 'Configure Mevo,' to enter the Mevo Network Settings screen.

Tap 'Mevo Hotspot' to switch to Mevo Hotspot mode. You can also tap the 'i' information bubble in order to change Mevo Hotspot Settings.

You can then connect to the hotspot per these instructions.