Mevo Cannot Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

If you have configured your Mevo to connect to the same WiFi network your iPhone is connected to and are unable to connect and open the live edit view, there are a few troubleshooting steps to try.

  • Hard close the app and relaunch. Sometimes a simple reopen will refresh the Bluetooth communication between the app and the camera.
  • Turn your iPhone’s Bluetooth off, then turn it back on. Mevo uses Bluetooth to to find nearby devices and check connection/usage status between the iOS device and the camera. If the Bluetooth signal gets interrupted, the communication between devices can fail. Restarting it has resolved this in the past.
  • Toggle ‘Airplane Mode’ on and off. This will disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth simultaneously and then re-enable them, and has helped resolve this issue in the past.
  • Reboot the camera. Turn off the camera by holding down the top button, then turn it back on. When it finishes booting up, relaunch the app.
  • Test on another network. This will at least help narrow down whether the issue is with a specific Wi-Fi network or if it occurs with other networks.
    • If it works on one network and not another network, there may be configuration differences such as blocked firewall ports. If it's an Enterprise network, see here for setup.
    • If the failing network requires you to agree to their terms of use prior to using it (e.g. hotel network), this is called a captive portal, which is unfortunately not supported by Mevo.
  • Perform a hard reboot. Hold down the power button on top of the camera for about 15 seconds. Then power it back on.
  • Still having trouble? As a workaround, you can connect to your camera via the Mevo Hotspot. However, please contact us if you are still having difficulty connecting to your local WiFi network.