How Can I Stream to a Facebook Group or Page?

Mevo supports streaming to Facebook Groups, Pages, and Events.

If you wish to stream to a Page, you must be either an Administrator or Editor of that Page. To stream to a Group, you must be an Administrator, not a Moderator.

Once you are logged in to your account, tap the red button to start a stream and select Facebook. Your profile will be listed first, followed by pages and groups of which you are an admin.

Scrolling to the left will reveal more groups and events.

Once selected, start your stream like you would normally.

You can also determine your streaming destination via the settings menu. Open settings and select the Live Streaming menu.

Select Facebook Live.

The top menu item is Destination, which by default is set to your profile. Tap this to choose between any groups or pages of which you are an admin.

Configure any other desired settings, then tap Start Stream at the bottom of the menu.