Recommended Settings for Livestream Studio

When using Mevo cameras as a remote source in Livestream Studio, we recommend adjusting your Studio project settings to match the Mevo camera resolution and frame rate. This will reduce CPU usage and increase video quality.

Project Video Format

Click on the gearwheel in the upper right corner of Livestream Studio, then navigate to the 'Project Format' tab.

Under Broadcast Standard, select "Low CPU Performance."

Once selected, go back up to the Project Video Format drop-down, and choose "720p30."

Save this Project Format.

Video Format When Outputting via SDI/HDMI

If you need to use SDI/HDMI output from Livestream Studio, you will need to select an HD format under the Broadcast Standard setting.

In this case, we recommend selecting one of the following as your Project Format:




This workflow will increase CPU usage due to the need to re-size the Mevo inputs, but it will produce a good better video quality in your output.

Input Synchronization

Livestream Studio has the ability to synchronize all input and remote input sources so that all cameras are in sync with each other.

Click the gearwheel in the upper right corner of Studio, then click the 'Advanced' tab.

Navigate to the 'Remote Inputs Synchronization' setting and select 'Delay All Inputs by 1 Second and Synchronize.' This will allow your wired inputs to compensate for the latency experienced by wireless sources (in this case, Mevo) and sync them together.