How Do I Control Audio?

To adjust your audio source and levels, tap the More Options (•••) icon in the bottom right corner.

Tap the microphone icon to enter the audio mixer.

By default, Mevo is selected. This means that your audio source is the stereo microphones built into the Mevo camera.

Learn more about using the built-in microphone and its enhancement options.

To learn more about using your mobile device as an audio source (e.g. "iPhone" as shown above), see here.

USB sources are now also accepted via Mevo Boost or via workflows with an OTG USB cable.

By default, the live audio preview (which allows you to hear your source audio through the mobile device's speakers) is muted. To unmute it, tap the crossed out speaker icon toward the right of the mixer interface.

To the far right of the interface is the levels monitor. This indicates how loud or soft your audio is.

Running along the bottom of the screen is an audio slider. Drag the slider to adjust your audio levels as needed.

A general best practice is for your audio levels to peak about halfway to two-thirds of the way up the levels bar. This ensures a clear, audible sound that is not too loud.

Audio that is over modulating is generally indicated by the top notches flashing red. This means you should lower your audio levels by dragging the audio slider to the left.

Not sure what is the best audio workflow for your production? See our suggestions here.