Required Network Configurations for Android

Android devices have some network configuration requirements in order to work with Mevo.

IPv6 Network Limitations

Android devices may have issues discovering Mevo over DHCP when using an IPv6-only network. If you use an IPv6 network, it is best to configure a static IP. 

Detect Mevo via IP Address

If your Mevo's connection card is not appearing, tap the + icon on the right side of the discovery page, then tap IP in the lower right corner.

Type in your network's IP address, then type OK. Mevo will detect your camera via static IP.

Add Network Information from Network Settings Menu

When the Mevo connection card comes up, tap Configure Mevo. This will open the Network Settings menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select Other...

Tap the checkbox next to Advanced option and change IP settings to Manual IPv6. Enter your network's name, IP address, and Gateway, then tap Connect.

Disable Wi-Fi Network Switching to LTE

If you are connecting to your Mevo via the Mevo's hotspot, be sure to disable the feature on your Android device that allows the device to switch to LTE automatically when the Wi-Fi signal is weak. The process for doing this varies slightly with each Android device; below we have outlined how to do it on some popular models.

All devices start by navigating to your device Settings.

Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL

Select Wi-Fi.

Tap the gearwheel icon.

Ensure Switch to cellular data automatically is toggled off.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Select Wi-Fi.

Tap More.

Tap Smart network switch.

A pop-up will appear detailing what Smart network switch does. Select Off.


In the settings menu, tap Wi-Fi.

Ensure that Switch to mobile data is toggled off.

HTC 10

In the device's Settings menu, tap Wi-Fi.

Tap the Options menu in the upper right corner

Tap Advanced.

Make sure Auto-switch to mobile network is unchecked.