Why Can't I Stream to a Facebook Group?

Mevo relies upon the Facebook API in order to stream to destinations within Facebook. The latest Mevo app is unable to go live to Facebook Groups due to recent changes to the Facebook API.

We are working on implementing Groups to the Mevo app in a future release. 

As a workaround to continue streaming to Public Facebook Groups of which you are an Admin, we recommend using a previous version of the Mevo app.

Unfortunately, streaming to Facebook Events and Closed and Secret Facebook Groups is not currently available with this version.

To install the previous Mevo app, open https://cdn.livestream.com/mevo/app/1.7.82_e908fef7e in your mobile device's browser and tap 1.7.82 to start downloading it.

Because this version of the app is not downloaded from the App Store, you will need to authorize it to run on your iOS device before using it. To do this, go to your device Settings, then select General.

Then scroll down to select Device Management.

The Device Management option is not present unless you have downloaded the previous version from the above URL first.

Select Livestream, Inc.

Tap Trust Livestream Inc., then Trust.

Next, reset your Mevo; if you had previously updated to 1.8, the firmware currently on your camera will not work with 1.7.82. Resetting your camera is the only way to get the proper firmware installed.

Once the reset is complete, connect your mobile device to your Mevo's hotspot. You will then be prompted to update your firmware. Tap Update Firmware to install the correct firmware version onto your Mevo.

After the firmware has installed and your camera restarts, you may use your Mevo. Tapping the red button, followed by the Facebook logo will walk you through connecting your Facebook account. You will then be able to see your public Facebook Groups of which you are an Admin as your streaming destination.